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  • Feature Image: Click the Browse button to open the Media Library. Click the ‘Upload file’ button to upload an image. A thumbnail of your logo will be added to the Media Library. Drag this onto the placeholder at right to use it as your About Us header image. Click the Done button to close the Media Library and update the App Preview.
  • Headline: Enter an optional headline for your page (it will be styled automatically to be larger than your body text).
  • Body: Enter your body text here. The body includes an advanced set of tools to customise and format your text.

Page Settings

Click the Settings tab to:

  • Change the Page Name (in this example we changed it to 'Welcome')
  • Change the Page Icon that appears in the menu
  • Choose whether the Page is active in the app and/or visible in the menu
  • Cache images on the page*
  • Delete the page

*Caching images allows them to appear faster on the page, and when the app is offline. Caching too many may slow the initial launch of the app - experiment to find the right balance.