All sharing methods via the app and the dashboard are absolutely free, including 75 SMS shares. Additional SMSs are very reasonably priced in packs.

SMSs can be sent one-to-one via the app and dashboard. SMS Blasts can also be used to send the app link to a large group of people.

You should purchase an SMS Pack before doing any mass marketing i.e. email campaigns, social media, web widget etc. Users who tap the link on their smartphone can install your app directly, but those who click the link on their desktop have the option to get the link texted to them, which will count towards your SMS quota.

Accessing the Shareable App via a smartphone does not incur an SMS cost since the app is downloaded directly to the device.

Always make sure you’ve purchased enough SMSs per app to allow the app to be shared successfully.

To set up an SMS Blast and/or purchase an SMS Pack for your next marketing campaign,please contact the Shareable Apps team on +613 9690 1010 for more information and pricing.