Your Shareable App is a powerful tool to help you market your business product or service to your database and can help you extend your reach by enabling your contacts to refer your app to others. There are just a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your app reaches your desired audience and keeps them engaged and in touch with your business:


Step 1

  • Complete your app using the online builder (or our custom design services). You can populate your Shareable App with content, feeds and rich media that are appropriate to help you tell your story.


Step 2

  • Share the app with yourself, try it on a phone or a tablet, so that you understand the app sharing experience yourself.


Step 3

  • Collect all of the mobile phone numbers and email addresses in your contacts list remember apps can be shared one to one from your phone or tablet, or can be shared directly from the AdapptrTM Dashboard by SMS, Email and also shared publically via social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +


Step 4

  • Put your app link in your email signature so that each time you send an email, people can get your app
  • Put your app link on your website so that customers can find it there
  • Put your app link in your ‘About’ information in your social media pages
  • The more places you can put your app link the more opportunities there are for potential users to install it
  • Your app also comes with it’s own QR code which you can add to print publications, users can scan your QR code with their phone to receive their app
  • Your app will also begin to appear in Google search results if you’ve selected it to be publically viewable within the dashboard. Please note this can take a little while to appear.

Step 5

  • Want to get people coming back to your app? Make sure you regularly update your content, ensure that your messages are relevant to the people that have your app and use the messaging systems in your dashboard to send regular updates.


Step 6

  • Check your Shareable Apps performance by logging into the dashboard and reviewing your real-time analytics. Your analytics show how many people have installed your app, where they are, what content they’ve viewed and other useful piece of information.


If you would prefer to have your app marketing campaign managed by one of our specialists, please contact us for a quote by emailing