Collect valuable customer data by adding one or more surveys to your app.

Edit Page

  • Click 'Assign Surveys to this Page' to open a list of existing surveys. Check or uncheck surveys from the pop-up list to add or remove them from your app.
  • Click 'Edit Surveys in the Dashboard' to exit to the Surveys dashboard. See steps below to create new surveys or edit existing ones.

Page Settings

Click the Settings tab to:

  • Change the Page Name
  • Change the Page Icon that appears in the menu
  • Choose whether the Page is active in the app and/or visible in the menu
  • Cache images on the page*
  • Delete the page

*Caching images allows them to appear faster on the page, and when the app is offline. Caching too many may slow the initial launch of the app - experiment to find the right balance.

Surveys dashboard

  • The Survey feature is a powerful tool that allows you to collect any type of information from your customers, including: multiple choice (single or multiple answers), email, date, numbers, or text.
  • You can also create branching surveys using multiple choice questions (single answer) which lead to different questions, depending on which answer was chosen. 
  • Responses can be emailed directly to you as well as saved in a downloadable spreadsheet.
  • From the Surveys Dashboard, click the New Survey button to launch the New Survey pop-up.

New Survey 

  • In the pop-up window, enter your survey name, introduction, start and end dates, and email address to receive responses. 
  • Include an optional feature image by clicking the Browse button and uploading an image. 
  • You can also limit the number of times a user can submit the survey, capture their location during submission, or pre-fill the user's answers when they return to the survey.
  • New! If your survey contains multiple choice (single answer) questions, you can add extra email addresses to receive submissions, based on the answers to those questions. For example, you could create a 'Type of enquiry' question with answers such as 'Sales', 'General', or 'Support' and choose a different email recipient for each type of enquiry.
    • Click the 'Add Email Recipient' button
    • Enter an email address in the 'Email responses to' field
    • Click the 'When' dropdown to choose the answer that corresponds to the email recipient. 
  • Click the Create Survey button when finished to close the pop-up and start creating questions.

Survey Editor

  • Here you can add new questions and pages to your survey. 
  • You can also edit the survey settings (you created in the steps above) and export the responses into a spreadsheet, using the drop down button at right. 

Create questions

  • Click the New Question button to start building your survey. 
  • Enter your question in the text editor then choose the type of question from the drop-down. 
  • You can add an optional image to each question by clicking the Browse button and uploading an image.
  • New! Enter an optional Placeholder tag. This can then be inserted into other questions or pages, and will be replaced with the user's answer to this question.
  • Check the setting to make the question mandatory, if necessary.
  • Click Create Question when finished. 

Branching Out

  • Multiple Choice (single answer) questions allow you to branch off the normal order of the survey. 
  • Simply click the settings icon next to each answer to choose from a list of questions and pages in your survey to redirect to.

Create Pages

  • Click the New Page button (next to the New Question button) to pop-up the New Page editor.
  • Enter a headline and text for the page.
  • Click the Browse button to upload an optional feature image.
  • If this is the end of the survey then check this setting to submit the survey. Otherwise, you can choose to branch off the normal order of the survey to another question or page using the Go To drop-down.
  • When finished, click the Create Page button to close the pop-up and return to the Survey Editor.
Continue creating questions and pages in your survey...

Finish your survey

  • To complete your survey, click the New Page button to create a thank you page after the last question. 
  • Enter a headline and thank you (or other) text for the user.
  • Tick the check box at the end, to indicate this is the end of the Survey. This will then submit the answers to the email address entered in the Edit Survey pop-up (see steps at the top of the page). The answers will also be added to a spreadsheet that can be downloaded by clicking the Export Responses button in the Survey Editor.
  • New! To allow users to export this last page as a Word doc, choose the option from the dropdown menu. This is handy if you used the placeholder feature (see above) to summarise the user's answers on this last page, and want to allow them to download a copy.

Once this has been completed, your survey is ready to go! You can drag the questions around to change their order if required (just leave the last page in the final row).